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Environment Policy

ASHRAF FABRICATION AND ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. recognizes that its objectives of business growth through the quality of its knowledge, service and product is entirely compatible with good environmental practice. Ashraf Industries also recognizes that the achievement of good quality, the maintenance of health & safety, and implementation of good environmental practices are an integral part of running the business and require consideration as part of the day to day operations right through the company. It is the responsibility of Directors and Managers to be aware of environmental risks and regulations, and to identify and implement actions to ensure that good practice is followed. The ASHRAF FABRICATION AND ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD ensures that the necessary training is provided. Managers are required to take environmental considerations into account in running the business, in its energy efficiency, its use of appropriate materials, and the design and manufacture of its products generally, and in the investment in new equipment, new processes and new buildings and services. All employees must know and understand the Company’s Environmental Policy, and draw to the attention of management any matters of possible concern. The Board has given the Director-Supply specific environmental responsibility in relation to the Company’s operations. In each subsidiary there must be a nominated person who is responsible for monitoring compliance with the company’s policy. ASHRAF FABRICATION AND ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD operates a regular system of review, under which every operating company reports on environmental issues and compliance with local regulations; any identified problems are actioned as a result. ASHRAF FABRICATION AND ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD policy of seeking appropriate continuous improvement in every facet of the business applies also to environmental matters.